Pain Free Braids

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the PAIN FREE BRAIDS family as an affiliate. 4Tress’ “Root Relief” is such a unique product that we feel that it should be a great seller in your sales program.

We have received your information and will be reviewing it to be sure you are a great fit with our ideas. We will get back with you shortly. We don’t want you to be missing sales. There is a lot of braiding going on out there.


Since “Root Relief” is a simple product, we have put together a simple but aggressive affiliate program.

Let’s show you what we mean!

Simple product….Simple commission.                   Earn an attractive 25% on EVERY sale.  

With no commision caps, you will be able to earn sales commissions on your customers purchases FOREVER! 

*We will just look to update your information and re-sign your affiliate agreement yearly to keep us both on the straight and narrow.

Generous 90 day Cookie Window 

You get first dibs on all your customers that click on your link for 90 days. When they convert, they are yours for life.*

With all your promotion, sometimes you have a customer hit that just can’t make up their mind.   

A Wealth of Content Materials 

Ads, articles, and copy all designed to help you to your goals. All easy-to-print content.   

Don’t find something you could use? Ask us. We will see if we can provide it. If you think you have an idea the program can use, send it over and we will put it by our creative team.  

Reliable Payment Schedules

Commissions are paid once a month . Payments will be sent via PayPal or a Bank Transfer.   

OK. Even though we accept few returns because of the type of product we are selling, returns do happen. If your customer returns an order, your account will be charged back along with a good explanation. 

Extensive Affiliate Dashboard

Dedicated affiliate dashboard to keep you up to date with all your sales and commissions. 

A great page to keep information flowing between us and you. Check it out to get your commissions status. Also where you will be able to keep us updated on your account so nothing gets lost.

Whats Next?

As an Affiliate you get first look at what we will be setting up for sales and marketing. 

PainFree Braids is a division of CUBED Naturals who has a number of interesting and intriguing products that they are planning to distribute through our affiliate program. You all get first pick of the litter. 


I am afraid it will be a little longer before we get back to you on your application. In the meantime you might want to go over our TERMS and CONDITIONS.  You will have to sign off on them, so I suggest you grab your favorite beverage, get comfortable and give it a read. It is a little long but protects both of us so we can sustain a great working relationship. 

Due to the response in sales during the introduction of this amazing new product, the manufacturer is working hard to keep up with production. So you won't get caught short, we are offering a discount when you buy more.
Receive a 10% discount per unit when you purchase 3
Receive a 15% discount per unit when you purchase 5
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