Pain Free Braids

With 4Tress Root Relief, Protective Hairstyles Can Be Painless.

With our specially blended formula of all natural, premium essential oils and pain fighting compounds, you now can get that special protective hairstyle without the fear of pain and discomfort as your style sets in. 

"Root Relief promises to be a game changer when getting a protective hairstyle . . . . . There is nothing like it on the market today."

What people are saying about 4Tress Products

“I stopped having my hair braided until I found 4Tress Pain Relief. My braider turned me on to a pain free box weave that looks amazing. I took the remainder of my bottle home allowing me a full night’s sleep without pain.”



“I tried this new 4-Tress Pain Relief on my tender-headed client today and then sent her home with it. She called me hours later and said, “what is that stuff?” My head has never felt so pain free after braids. Can I get some more?”



“I have always been tender-headed. I love braid styles but the process is miserable and the soreness lasts for days. I tried Root Relief and it worked instantly. Thank you!!! This product is a must have for me.”



“I was looking for a product to ease the tension of my braids, and violà. This is now my go-to for all protective hairstyles. I absolutely love the easy application of the roller-ball. This oil is very lightweight and hydrating for my hair. I’m very impressed and would definitely recommend!”

J. Gonzalez


“Game Changer! When I was getting my locks retwisted, my stylist offered me the pain-free option and sprayed this magical stuff on my scalp. I didn’t feel any pain! I went back and bought the roll-on from her. Lifetime customer!”

M. Tremmell


Our easy roll-on applicator gets down to the "Root" of the problem!

Used during and after your hair appointment, ROOT RELIEF is taking the negative out of an otherwise positive hair experience. Not only does it reduce the pain but also is an excellent scalp moisturizing treatment. Developed using ten of the most highly recommended essential oils including Jamaican Black Caster and Marula oils, it is rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants, ROOT RELIEF nourishes at a cellular level to reduce itching and flaking, plus revitalizes your scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

Root Relief Styling Solution

“I tried Root Relief and it worked instantly. Thank you!!! This product is a must have for me.” – S. Row


1/2 ounce of Relief in a glass bottle with a roll-on applicator.

Why 4Tress Products?

Completely Organic

Stop buying hair products while your scalp gives you the side-eye. If you want healthy, luscious, beautiful hair you have to start at the root! Our natural scalp solutions combine ingredients proven to stop your pain but also heal, protect and increase health of your hair and scalp.

No Harmful Chemicals

5 Star Reviews

There is no product on the market that has been formulated to do what Root Relief will do and we want to spead the word. We encourage you to send us your reactions so we can share them with others. Have a question or a problem? Please reach out.

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.”

Sam Walton

We agree with Sam.

If You Are Looking For A Safe And Organic Way To Ease The Pain Of A Protective Hairstyle,

This Is The Solution You Need


1/2 ounce of Relief in a glass bottle with a roll-on applicator.

14 Problems Girls With Box Braids Totally Get

#4: Having the Braider Laugh at You When You Say She's Braiding Too Tight

Oh, so not being able to rest my head on my pillow later is funny to you?

When I said I wanted my edges to be snatched I MEANT THAT METAPHORICALLY.

~Taken from an antidotal article from the publication Allure: written by Keyaira Boone

Benefits Of The Root Relief

Are you ready for results? Join the Naturally Pain Free movement!

If your stylist is not using Root Relief, take one with you and insist they do!


1/2 ounce of Relief in a glass bottle with a roll-on applicator.

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